About Our Programs
At The McKenna Recovery Center, we follow the group model of treatment, which has been proven to be the most effective form of treatment. This form of treatment includes group and individual counseling, education, relapse prevention skills, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Our treatment team reviews the needs of each individual from the psychiatric, medical, and therapeutic views of treatment. We look at the whole picture for each patient, as well as the group together. ​ We believe that by combining these different factors and implementing them in our patient's treatment plans, they have the highest success of recovery. The following are some of the services we provide and methods we use to implement these treatment plans:

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services
  • Dual Diagnosis (substance use disorder with a co-occurring psychiatric condition)
  • FAA compliant evaluations and treatment for pilots and other safety sensitive aviation personnel
  • DOT compliant evaluations and treatment for safety sensitive personnel regulated by the Department of Transportation, or monitored by SAP

Chemical Dependency Treatment
The McKenna Recovery Center currently offers chemical dependency treatment for adults and adolescents in a professional environment with a caring and confidential manner. There is a full range of outpatient treatment services available, including:
  • Intervention
  • Initial Evaluation: a thorough bio-psychosocial, psychiatric, chemical dependency assessment
  • ASAM Level 2 Treatment Services
  • Treatment of Co-occurring disorders
  • Family Component
  • Medication Assisted Recovery
  • Medication Management and Treatment
  • Group Model of Treatment complemented by Individual Counseling
  • Aftercare, includes Post-Residential (Post-Inpatient treatment)
  •  DOT and FAA compliant treatment

In order to document the progress of each patient, The McKenna Recovery Center performs urine drug screens. We use a baseline and random intervals to capture data that supports progress made by each patient. These tests are administered and tested on site. 

Family Counseling
In addition to individual and group counseling, the McKenna Recovery Center utilizes family counseling to aid in recovery. We believe that addiction is a family matter: it affects the abuser as well as their family. It is important that not only do we help our patient recover, but that we help their family recover as well. For this reason, family members are included in our education and family systems treatment components. 

The McKenna Recovery Center has three locations to help you; Kauai, Hilo, and Oahu. Our highly credentialed team is able to assess the addiction and implement an individualized treatment plan to treat each patient most effectively.