​Our greatest success comes from our patients seeking recovery and restoring their lives. Below are some tesimonials we recieved from patients and their families in their own words.
Since I’ve been coming to Ke Ala Pono many things in my life have changed.  Along with the W.I.N. House, Ke Ala Pono has also been my backbone to sobriety.  Needless to say, so has NA and AA meetings.  Attending these classes have taught me to be consistent.  I come here several times a week and whether things are going good or bad, I come here and talk about it.  Discussing what’s going on in my life helped me get through many feeling of relapse.  I am grateful for the support I have received and continue to receive here.
When I came into this treatment center, I was all over the place and out there.  Now I am more focused and committed to my recovery.  I feel I have finally gained some serenity in my life.  Things are a lot more manageable.
- Happy in Recovery

My doctor referred me, I didn't want to come, but after I started, I realize how much I needed you, and now I will always refer any of my friends who may need help too!
​- Will

“It was such a learning experience, the McKenna Recovery Center is different from the other program I was in”
- A Reformed Man 

"Thank you for giving me back my daughter!"
​- Grateful Mom

I've learned how to live and think and feel while I've been coming to McKenna's. I'm a person with a lot to look foward to- Life! I'm thankful for McKenna's and its staff! ​​Wednesday and Fridy are really my favorites. Everybody is involved. I feel more aware now than I have ever been before. I think back even before the drugs "Was I always a lost cause?" I know the answer is "no". 
- Anonymous

The most useful part of my treatment has to be the groups because you learn a lot about triggers and how boredom is a big one. Ke Ala Pono is helpful, good and fun.
I was able to go without touching marijuana for 6 months.
- Anonymous

Ke Ala pono is a fun, relaxing, good environment. I changed a lot because I'm not as lazy as I used to be, I'm more awake now.
- Anonymous

The people who work at Ke Ala Pono really care about me and want me to do better. It has made my family a little more aware of what is really going on and what I was doing. My goal is to try and stay sober and do what's right to benefit my life. Melissa really helped me by talking to me and making me realize the wrong's I've been doing. She told me "I am good."
- Anonymous

Dayna helped me out, she told me I deserve better and I can do better.

Taking a break from burning [marijuana] has allowed me to reflect on how I want to limit myself from these things.